Where Dreams Meet Reality..

Have you ever stared into a broken mirror? Have you ever looked to the sky and wondered what was going to hit you next? Have you ever danced in a thunderstorm, hoping you'd be struck? Have you ever had a broken heart? I have. I'm that girl that everyone sees as innocent. The "quiet girl". The "shy girl". I've learned a long time ago that people don't care about you, they just feed on your imperfections. I've locked my heart away.. because when it's on your sleeve, it WILL break. I don't come here to whine, but rather.. to espape. This is my bridge between DREAMS and REALITY. Where the world can't get me, and where all of my rusted silver linings, mashed up thoughts, and hand-crafted hells all blend together in one big passionate ball of... chaos. Welcome to my life. The one true place where i can learn to be beautiful.


me as a mom lbr

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could you please hold this for a second *hands you my problems and runs away*

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yo how much dirt you gotta throw in the ocean to make a new country

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Mar Mar.

Hey love.. Okay.. So. There’s 4 other messages that.. Kinda explain my feelings.. And I know.. I’m being complicated.. But.. I don’t know how to.. Just say it.. I can’t. I know it makes no sense..
But let me.. Give you a start..
1. I’m shaking. Zoning. Ready to cry my eyes out. Hurt.
2. It’s a mockingbird kind of day.
3. The way my tumblr works.. Few of the posts are actually made by me.. But.. They all are relevant to my current mood.. As you can see. It’s all over the fucking place.
4.. I can’t just say it. I’ve tried.

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